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Want The Best Super-fast broadband?
Want The Highest Quality and Cheapest Home phone service?

Want to Watch Richest and Amazing English and Chinese digital TV channels?
Want to Acquire Detailed Information about Most Fashionable Smart Phones And Suitable Mobile phone programs?
Want to Make Free/Cheap International Calls?


Welcome To the Flying Dragon Telecom Center Center!
Wherever You Live Now, Internet, Telephone, Digital TV and Mobile Can Always Connect You with Your Family, Friends, ……!

Who are we?

Flying Dragon Telecom is a qualified, capable, responsibility sensed, independent telecom service center approved by Ofcom and ICO. The company is also the only UK telecom bi-lingual English and Chinese service center ! The working website of the company is the only bi-lingual English-Chinese one with all aspects of telecom services! For previous years, with its sincere, penitent, responsible and full services, Flying Dragon Telecom has built up its remarkable reputation and successful achievement.

What Service Programs Can We Provide?
Service programs of Flying Dragon, with home broadband as its core service, include all aspects of telecom services three in one like broadband (residential and business broadband, contract and noncontract broadband and mobile broadband etc.), digital TV and mobile phone. Whatever your specific requirements and conditions are, you can find programs mostly suitable for your need from the data base of Flying Dragon Telecom.
Where Does Our Service Cover?
Flying Dragon can serve customers in all over UK, including Ireland. Wherever you are in UK, long time stay or short time stay, you can get help from Flying Dragon. Our care starts from the time when you just step into UK.
What Are Our Service Features?

● Comprehensive working content, including information queries, coverage checking, program ordering/tracking assistance, installation /usage guidance etc.
● Transparent service process. Every step is communicated with customers in time; every fee is explained clearly to customers.
● Careful and patient service attitude. To every problem met during service period, we will try our upmost to help resolving it.
● Quick service assistance. With Flying Dragon, you will never make your choice with no purpose, suffer for your long time waiting or be likely drop to credit trap. You can call our dedicated service consultant at any time. They will help you choose the most suitable service programs for you.

What Is Our Main Service Style?
Flying Dragon mainly promotes UK telecom service policies, spreads telecom knowledge, delivers ever-changing telecom service information and assists customers to get what they need through many media such as telephone, website and newspapers.
How to Place Chosen Orders?
● From our website, after comparing services from many UK famous providers and choosing the best option for yourself, you can play order directly from the chosen provider website by clicking its logo.
● If you need our assistance from our dedicated consultant, please dial our service hotline on 08450212688, 07720845994 or email to info@ukbroadband-advisor.co.uk with your contact details and we will contact you in time. We always strictly observe service principles and make sure all your details provided are confidential and safe.
What Can We Help If You Have Dispute with Your Service Provider?
Please keep in mind: if you have any dispute with your current provider and you think it cannot be resolved, you can make a complaint to UK telecommunication regulator-OFCOM:Tel: 020 7981 3000; Ofcom approved redress scheme- CISAS:Tele: 02075203827 or Ombudsman Service:Communication: Tele: 03304401614. They are all independent organisations offering free services.
Please remember: whether before or after service completion, Flying Dragon is your sincere interest protector and strong backup force. Whenever you have dispute which cannot be settled with your provider, Flying Dragon is your sincere friend, guidance and supporter!!
If Your Contract Is Due To Expire, What We Can Do for You?
If your contract is due to expire or has been expired, Flying Dragon is happy to send you kind reminder, providing the latest service information to you for your reference to make practical and reasonable choice or adjustment based on the new changed situation of telecommunication market.
Do We Charge You for Our Service?
Flying Dragon provides customers with free regular services including information query, installation/usage guidance and program checking/switch over etc, with no charge.
How can you get your services?
● You can find many offers from top UK suppliers through our website, then compare and choose the most suitable one for yourself. You can also order your service online through our website.
● If you need any help from our advisor, please call us on 08450212688 or send email to info@ukbroadband-advisorl.co.uk, We will contact you as soon as possible. We will strictly comply with our data protection principle, keeping confidential and safe for all your personal information you have provided.
If you have any conflict with your supplier and can not reach agreement, you can complain to the following UK telecommunication offices:
Otelo :Tel: 0845 050 1614
Ofcom:Tel: 020 7981 3000
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