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Want to enjoy the thrill of ultra-high-speed surfing?

Want to get the best and affordable home/business phoneservice?

Want to get the unbeatable and cheapest mobile deals?

Want to watch amazing English and Chinese TV shows?
  --anytime and anywhere on your TV or other wireless devices?

Want to call landline and mobile of UK and world 
  --anytime and anywhere for free and unlimited?



Welcome to the Dragon Telecom Service Centre in UK !

No matter where you are, Internet, phone, TV, let you and your relatives and friends, always together!

Who are we?

Flying Dragon Telecom is a qualified, capable, responsibility sensed, independent telecom service center approved by Ofcom and ICO. The company is the only Chinese and English bilingual telecommunications service centre in the UK! For almost 20 years, Flying Dragon Telecom has established an excellent reputation and successful performance with its sincere, responsible and comprehensive services.

What Service Programs Can We Provide?

Our service purpose is to provide all-round telecommunications services required by customers - to gather broadband, phone and digital TV with broadband as the core.
Broadband service: Fixe broadband & Mobile broadband, Home broadband & Business broadband, Standard contract & Short-Term Contract.
Phone :  Landline & Mobile, Home & Business, Call UK & Call International.
Digital TV: Satellite TV & Cable TV, Pay TV & Free TV, Live & streaming
No matter where you are and what your specific requirements and conditions are, you can find the program that best suits your needs here.

Where Does Our Service Cover?

Our services cover the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland. Wherever you are in UK, long stay or short stay, you can get help from Flying Dragon. Our care starts from the time when you just step into UK.

What Are Our Service Features?

● Extensive and thoughtful service content
● Transparent service process
● Professional and responsible service quality
● Safe and fast service effect

What Is Our Main Service Style?

For the Chinese community, as a telecommunications service centre, we use various methods such as phone calls, social media, text messages, WeChat, websites, newspapers and magazines:
To promote the service rules and development trends of the British telecom industry,
To popularize common sense of telecommunication services,
To deliver the ever-changing special offers of telecom providers,
To direct or assist customers in obtaining the telecom services they require.

Do we charge for our service?

All regular services are free.

What Can We Help If You Have Dispute with Your Service Provider?

Please Keep calm and patient if you have any dispute with your current provider. You can contact us or visit this website for specific guidance https://www.ofcom.org.uk/complaints/complaints-ofcom-deals-with


Here Remember: whether before or after service completion, Flying Dragon is your sincere interest protector and strong backing.
To solve your problem, Ofcom recommends the following steps:
1. Contact your provider’s customer services department and explain your problem.
2. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, make a formal complaint to the company. You should find details of how to do this on the back of your bill, on their website or by asking customer services.
3. You can contact the ADR scheme directly If your provider is unable to resolve your complaint after eight weeks.
ADR schemes act as an independent middleman. They will examine the case from both sides and reach a decision they think is fair.
         There are two ADR schemes:
          Ombudsman Services : call 03001233333
          Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS): call  02075203827
All providers must belong to one of the schemes. Your provider will tell you which scheme it is a member of, or you can use our ADR checker(https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/advice-for-consumers/problems/adr-schemes).
4. If you’ve had billing problems, let Ofcom know by filling out the short monitoring form. Ofcom might investigate a company if monitoring data reveals a particular problem.

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