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Terms & Conditions

Any individual or organization, if accepting our services, should be aware and observe the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are suitable for customers in UK and governed by UK law.
1. Our Work

1.1 Flying Dragon Ltd is a UK telecommunication service centre, registered in UK Company house, service covering all UK ,
1.2 Our servicing programs, mainly home broadband (cable and ADSL) and mobile broadband, also include internet, landline, DTV, facing all Chinese people living in different areas of UK and having different wishes and requirements, providing free services of telecommunication on the programs of home broadband, business broadband, short term broadband, mobile broadband, landline, DTV, mobile, and also offering you many options to choose.
1.3 Our working content is comprehensive telecommunication services, combining information guidance, service check, program promotion, service ordering, installation, and use.
1.4 Our service style: telephone, website, face to face. Considering service cost, we mainly use the former two kinds. You can directly ask and get our services by telephone and email., you can also visit our website to find and get your required service.
1.5 Our comprehensive work comes from our service aims- “Customer's requirement is our job” .

2. Copy Right of the Website & Its Use

2.1 Chinese-English bi-lingual website: www.ukbroadband-advisor.co.uk , is an important Service tool of Flying Dragon Ltd.
2.2 All the copy right of texts, images, web pages and designs in the website belongs to Flying Dragon Ltd.
2.3 Any individual or organization is not allowed to use the provided information for resale, wholesale or other business purposes; not allowed to copy or change any contents of the website; and not allowed to copy, save or publish full or part of the contents of the website in any way unless acquiring authorization from Flying Dragon Ltd in advice
2.4 This website is designed for using in UK . It can not be used in legally restricted countries. All service programs, prices and service guidance the website provides only apply in UK unless extra specified. All external links of the website should take risk by themselves.

3. Service Information of the Website

3.1 Based on our service purposes, we will make our great efforts to provide customers with comprehensive and latest information for UK telecommunication sector on home broadband, DTV, landline, mobile, mobile broadband etc so as to meet different requirements from different customers.
3.2 We promote any service program according to the fact. We will make sure the information provided is objective and accurate. We will take reasonable measures regularly to update the information of the website to ensure it is accurate and latest.
3.3 Because of some uncontrollable objective or subjective factors, sometimes we can not guarantee the information is completely accurate and latest.
Much of the information of the website is provided by the third parties. They may change their information at any time without any notice to us. As a result, after you view some information on our website, you need to know their terms and conditions, carefully access and confirm the accuracy of the chosen information from the aspects of programs, price, benefit, terms, conditions, discount etc.

4. Limitation of Liability
4.1. Any product on the website is not ultimately provided by us. The final right of interpretation, sale and provision of any service item does not come from us.
4.2. It is up to you to choose which way to get our services. Whichever way you choose, we will have obligation and responsibility to give you sincere, patient, objective guidance and reasonable help
4.3. Final judgment is up to you to make sure if the services are satisfactory, if they are suitable for your using purpose and if the prices is reasonable. We just provide objective enquiry for reference.
4.4. No matter what form of service you obtain, once any unpleasantness occurs, such as return, repair, billing, etc., you must directly face the relevant departments of the service provider to obtain substantial solutions. We are not responsible for any disputes between you and suppliers. However, we will provide reasonable and sincere guidance on how to properly resolve disputes. Please understand that this is a respect for you and the UK Personal Information Protection Policy.
4.5. We cannot be held responsible for any loss caused by misunderstanding or using the service information of this website.
4.6. We cannot be held responsible for any loss to you due to the supplier's negligence.
4.7. We do not test or evaluate any links provided by third parties on this website. We are not responsible if they provide inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.

5. Age and Capability
Any person, who wants to accept our service, should be over 18 years old and have ability to take their responsibility and obligation for the services they order.
6. Dispute Resolution

6.1. We always pursue perfect and satisfactory services, and strive to provide you with accurate project information and fair services. We hope that through our work, you can reduce the time and financial cost of obtaining services. We are loyal to each client, but we cannot avoid some common unpleasant problems in telecommunications services.
6.2. If you encounter any unpleasant problems, you must remain calm and rationally analyze the reasons and responsibilities of the incident. If you need our advice and help, we welcome you to write your questions and ideas calmly and rationally via email. Our email info@ukbroadband-advisor.co.uk. Please provide as much information as possible in the letter including your contact information, so that we can give you feedback in a timely and effective manner.
6.3. After receiving your complaint letter, we will endeavor to reply to you within three working days. If it is determined that your question is related to our services, we will deal with it as quickly as possible and give you a formal, honest and responsible response.
6.4. We do not accept and tolerate any rudeness and brutality under any circumstances. Any disputes can be resolved through discussion between the two parties. If no agreement can be reached, it can be further submitted to the regulating agency for resolution. Legal procedures can be resorted to when negotiation and mediation are ineffective.


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