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Free Period
Other Benefits

Cable & non-cable

Talk Weekends(M) £11.00 Weekends * 30 days trial
* £30 set up charge
* Save up to 60% mobile phone call bill
* 3.25p/min in payable time for calling landline starting from 01,02,03.
* 5p /min in day time, 4 p /min in evening & weekend for calling 0845 numbers.
* 10 p/min in day time, 8p/min in evening&weekend for calling0870 numbers.


Talk Evenings & Weekends(L) £14.45 Evening & weekends
Talk Unlimited(XL) £18.95 Anytime
Talk Anywhere 200 £20.00 Weekends +200
Talk Anywhere 400 £28.00 Weekends +400
Talk Anywher 800 £40.00 Weekends +800
* 2Mb+ Phone(XL)+FreeTV= £20.00
* Use Talk Anywhere inclusive time, you can call landline、Mobile phone、International number(including China)、Dial-up internet numbers in UK and any other countries at any time。

Option1 - Hour Plan £10.50 No * £124.99 installation charge for a new line
* save 25% for calling mobiles with an extra £1.5
*The above prices are available by payment of Direct debit, monthly payment plan or online direct debit.
*£11/month line rental and £1.5 administration fee for other way of payment。

Option2 - Evening & Weekend Plan £13.95 Evening & weekends
Option3 - Anytime Plan £18.95 Anytime
* Option1 is a basic option。3.25p/min plus 6p connection fee in day time for option 1 and 2; 4.5p /hour in evening and weekend time for option 1 ; free evening and weekend calls up to 1 hour for option 2, 3.25p/min if exceeding 1 hour and 6p connection fee applies for option 2.
* Free calls to UK landline at any time within 1 hour for Option3,the same charge as option1 and option 2 if exceeding 1 hour,
* 100-200 free text messages for option 2 and option 3.

Call normal phones from your computer

£11 (minium credit)

* Online credit purchase
* The same rate at any time.
* 3.3 p connection fee per call. There is no time limit for every call.
* 1.4p/min for calling over 30 destinations in the world including China and UK.
* Charge based on minute. Charge for 1 minute if under 1 minute.
* After last Skypeout call,Skype credit will remain valid for 180days.

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£8 - 5months

* Whichever country you travel to, you can call local land line, with only 3.3p connection charge, no call charge.
* Wherever you live, you can make international calls with local benefits.
* Free Skype Voicemail
* Discounted "SkypeIn" fixed number costs you £21. Anyone in the world can call you on this number at local rate.
* Incoming calls free forwarding to your landline or mobile.
* Store voice mail when you are busy or offline.
*Call record, desktop share, new ring tone and expression sign.


£11.5- 3months

* Get a SKYPEIN fixed number, and any one can call this number from any landline or mobile at local rate rather than international call rate. Wherever you travel in the world, you can answer your phone with free of charge.
* In coming calls forwarding to your landline or mobile let you answer your calls with low forwarding fee wherever you are, even with no internet connection.

Skype Voicemail

£3.45- 3months

* When not convenient to answer phone, you can remain voice mail.
* Customizing your voicemail. Wherever you are in the world, you can receive voicemail free of charge.
* Save your voicemail.




*Instead of pc or laptop, special 3Skypephone and other 3G mobiles are available for Skype calls. No longer with space limit.
* If your friends or family members have3 Skypephone in the same country, you can make free calls with them.,
* Subscribe 3G Mix &Match plans pay monthly mobile, you get free Skypephone and Skype services。


* All above prices include VAT.
* You just need to download and install Skype software, buy some credit, then you can make free or cheap calls to anywhere in the world.
* Discounted products such as mobile, speaker, microphone are available when you purchase Skype hardware and software.

Note:Almost all broadband providers in UK can offer broadband and landline bundled services. BT and Virgin Media are the only providers who can offer landline service independently. From these companies,customers can subscribe broadband alone or its bundle with other services on good offer.

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