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I have mobile, do I still need landline?
Even if you use your mobile phone a lot, your landline connection is still important. If you do not live in cable area, you have to get a phone line in order to get broadband connection. Of course, you can take good advantage of all the benefits of your phone service.
If I want to change my provider, do I have to change my phone number? Will my service be interrupted?
No, you do not have to change your phone number. You can keep the same number if you like and your service will not be interrupted. There are agreements among service providers regarding service switchover issues.
Do I need to pay for my service switch within the contract term?
No, you do not need to pay any fee for the transfer. You can call a new provider to order a new service for yourself, free of charge for this switch over .This is also a term in the switchover agreement among service providers.
How can I change my provider?
It is very simple. You just need to call us or your new telephone provider to give your personal information (name, address etc). Your new home phone provider will take a few days to get back to you, sending information including the date of the switch. At this date, all your calls will be priced under your new cheap call tariff.
I have just subscribed broadband and landline services, do I still need to pay bills to BT?
This depends on the provider you have chosen and your personal willingness. Some providers ask you pay all the bills to the new providers. Some of the providers give you options to choose, either paying all your bills to new providers, or paying line rental to BT and broadband bills to the new providers.
If I change my phone provider, will my broadband service be affected?
No, there is no any affection on your broadband service. You can pay broadband bills to your old provider and phone bills to your new provider.
How can I prevent unsolicited calls getting through?
Many secondary suppliers offer a service that will do this, to a certain extent. It is normally free to add your number to a list of those that do not want to be contacted with sales or marketing calls. BT also offers this for free of charge, so it is best to get your number onto as many lists as possible. If you are on a list and you receive a call, you should report the company name to your provider.
With home phone packages, what time can we make free calls?
All UK telecommunication companies can offer customers with free phone calls in certain time periods, including weekends, evening & weekends or anytime.
Unlimited free weekend calls for up to an hour, from 12am Friday to 12am Sunday;
Unlimited free evening and weekend calls for up to an hour, evenings (6pm – 6am) and Weekends (12am Friday – 12am Sunday);
Anytime unlimited free calls for up to an hour , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Who can I call for free in my phone package?
Free calls are not unconditional. Normally, you can only call the numbers starting with 01 and 02 at free periods. You will need to pay a standard rate at any time if calling other numbers such as mobile, non-geographic numbers (starting 08 except for 0800) and international numbers.
However, some providers have their own special offer as to free calls. For example, Virgin Phone has Talk Anywhere packages, allowing customers call any UK landlines(01 and 02 numbers) , UK mobiles (07 numbers) and international landlines and international mobiles with free of charge. Please check all the offers through before you make any order.
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