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Privacy Policy
Privacy is one of your important rights. Providing your personal details to us is based on your trusting in us and believing we will take our responsibility to protect your personal information. Therefore, we have worked out this personal information protection system to protect your personal details. The protection system will be shown briefly as follows.
1. Ways and Purposes to Collect Your Personal Information ?
1.1 Our website provides update information of UK on home broadband, business broadband, mobile broadband, landline, mobile, DTV and other services. You can visit our website and get free information. If you need our further help or advice, please fill a simple online contact form, which includes your main contact information and basic requirement information. The information is submitted to let us better understand your requirement and offer you service effectively.
1.2 If you think it is necessary to get our advisor's help, you can call our service line. We will be pleased to provide you with required information, guidance and relevant help. In order to get the services you require, we need you provide your personal information, we will explain its requirement.
1.3 We will make sure all information you provide is only for the purpose of providing services to you. If we need to provide your personal information to third party so as to give you your service, we will ask your permission first, and then hand it in to the third responsible party in a safe and legal way. 1.4 Whether you provide your personal information is totally up to your will and the requirement to realize the service.
2.  How to Protect Your Personal Information ?
2.1 All the information you directly provide to us will mean your privacy, and we will take responsibility and effective measurement to protect it.
2.2 We will regularly destroy some sensitive information and save some information as well.
2.3 Unless based on legal or governmental compulsory rules, or your authorization, we will not provide your personal information to any other unknown party.
2.4 Our website has links with many web sites. Through our website, you can directly log in these websites to get their service information or accept their service. We have no right to control other websites, therefore we have no right and responsibility to protect your personal information you provide to them. What we can only do is that we will do as much as we can to give you our help and guidance. We advise you to read carefully about privacy protection and the policies of other websites.
3.  Dispute Solution?

3.1 We do not want to get your personal privacy through our website. Actively providing any of your personal information means you have given us the right to use it.
3.2 If you think we have wrongly used your personal information, or you think we should take some responsibility for some loss, please remind us by email.

Our email address is: info@ukbroadband-advisor.co.uk

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